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ATTENTION EMPLOYEES - Go Paperless for your 2017 W2

Login to Employee Online to Opt Out of receiving a paper copy of your W2. By choosing to Opt Out you will be notified via email in late January 2018 once the W2’s have been uploaded.

After the W2’s have been uploaded, you will be able to print your own copy as needed sooner than waiting for a paper copy to be delivered via United States Postal Service. Paper W2’s will be mailed out by January 31, 2018.

Copy and paste link below to access Employee Online:


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Enter in your 8-digit Employee ID number that was provided to you.

In the “Enter Password” field, enter any one letter in that field. (such as the letter “a”.) Hit enter.

This will prompt the dialog box for you to create a new password.

Contact Payroll Services if you are having troubles. 916-278-7427.